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 how to install ubuntu *fast tutorial*

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PostSubject: how to install ubuntu *fast tutorial*   Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:17 pm

Hi All...
Here is fast tutorial how installing GNU/Linux Ubuntu:
please first backup you data!!! ,download this file,unzip all to hardrive and burn to CD and burn ubuntu desktop i386 .iso to CD

2.put the CD in the drive and let it load
F2-language and F3-keyboard and then press ENTER

3.this is ubuntu gnome desktop and category to install icone on desktop and choose your country step choose your country keyboard

6.set your harddrive manually! choose only your windows disk for next settings! to windows disk,press edit and choose this settings

8.fill in a form which must bear the full name, login name and password...please remember this info! install and wait....if installation is complette press restart for restart system. first system start write your user name /no full name/ and login and start system

10.set your update repo and press reload

11.update your system and press install,if installation and update is complette restart your computer install your graphic card,press activate and wait,if is installation complette restart computer

13.install multimedia video&audio codecs,open software and double click video or mp3 and install

14.install all programs in software folder,double click and install your nonsystem hardisk,find nexuiz and unzip to /home folder

16.-0create nexuiz icon launcher on your desktop

16.-1 find nexuiz folder in your /home folder

16.-2 set nexuiz launcher

others link:
pdf tutorial: MTE_ubuntu904_ins.pdf.html

author: anjelradko [PK] - [NK] admin
If you have further questions Ask me and others members Smile
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how to install ubuntu *fast tutorial*
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