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 funny bot

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Admin & Founder
Admin & Founder

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PostSubject: funny bot   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:34 am

Hi NKs...
Here is script /funny dancing bot/ by BrechtVanBommel [PK]:
create autoexec.cfg ,copy this script to autoexec.cfg , save and copy to nexuiz folder /data
commands in console: walkbot and walkbot_stop

alias walkbot "set walkbot_dicer 0; set walkbot_time 0; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_dice "menu_cmd rpn /walkbot_dicer 11 rand def; menu_cmd rpn /walkbot_time 1000 rand 4000 / def; walkbot_loopsel"
alias walkbot_loopsel " walkbot_action_$walkbot_dicer"
alias walkbot_stop "alias walkbot_dice \"\"; defer 10 \"exec autoexec.cfg\""

//Starting movement and stopping it after $walkbot_dicer
alias walkbot_action_0 "+jump; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_0"
alias walkbot_action_1 "+moveleft; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_1"
alias walkbot_action_2 "+back; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_2"
alias walkbot_action_3 "+forward; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_3"
alias walkbot_action_4 "+moveright; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_4"
alias walkbot_action_5 "+hook;defer $walkbot_time wait;defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_5"
alias walkbot_action_6 "+crouch; defer $walkbot_time wait;defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_6"

// Back calls for Moving
alias walkbot_ca_0 "-jump; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_1 "-moveleft; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_2 "-back; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_3 "-forward; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_4 "-moveright; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_5 "-hook; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_6 "-crouch; walkbot_dice"

//Starts for looking:
alias walkbot_action_7 "+right; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_7"
alias walkbot_action_8 "+left; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time wait;defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_8"
alias walkbot_action_9 "+attack; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_9"
alias walkbot_action_10 "+attack2; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_10"
alias walkbot_action_11 "say ^7nice one :-); defer $walkbot_time walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_action_12 "+lookup; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_12"
alias walkbot_action_13 "+lookdown; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time wait; defer $walkbot_time walkbot_ca_13"
alias walkbot_ca_7 "-right; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_8 "-left; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_9 "-attack; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_10 "-attack2; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_12 "-lookup; walkbot_dice"
alias walkbot_ca_13 "-lookdown; walkbot_dice"

Have Fun! Smile
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M@R4 [NK]
Clan Member
Clan Member

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PostSubject: Re: funny bot   Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:15 pm

lol! lol! Nice Skript
It is really difficult to play with this script Very Happy

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funny bot
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