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 RULES FOR CANDIDATES - read before you write a join request

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RULES FOR CANDIDATES - read before you write a join request Empty
PostSubject: RULES FOR CANDIDATES - read before you write a join request   RULES FOR CANDIDATES - read before you write a join request EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 5:46 pm

If you want to join our clan you have to meet conditions posted below:

1. You should be a friendly, non-conflict person.
2. You should be a reasonable, self-possessed person who presents a certain level of maturity.
3. You must be a good enough player to be able to keep up with at least one of us in-game
4. You must have a passion for nexuiz/xonotic, that will not fade after only a month or two of play.
5. You should be known to at least 2-3 our members who can certify that you meet 1-4 conditions.
6. You should introduce yourself to people who doesn't know you so your join request should consist of:
  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your living country
  • At least couple screenshots from your games


Additional info:

We have no trial membership, and you can (and should) wear NK tag only if your membership have been accepted in voting.

After you write a join request if we agree that you meet these conditions we will vote your membership in a private forum. It can take couple days. You will be informed about the results as soon as enough people will vote to make certain decision. If you become our member shortly your forum username will change to 'username NK' and you will gain access to our private forum.
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RULES FOR CANDIDATES - read before you write a join request
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